Aquaschool offers 1-to-1 lessons for adults of all levels. Your lesson will be tailored to your individual needs and specific to achieve your goals. From complete beginners who want to gain confidence in the water, right up to competent swimmers seeking to improve technique in order to improve efficiency, we have a programme that will deliver results for you.

Learning to swim as an adult can be a daunting thought. There are many different reasons to start swimming such as great health benefits, learning a new skill or a desire to compete in aquathlon or triathlon. Many parents learn to swim once their children venture into the water and start to swim beyond their reach.


Many adults decide to learn to swim after a recommendation from their doctor or physiotherapist. Different muscle groups throughout the body are used while swimming and loading on the joints is reduced by up to 75% due to the weightlessness experienced in the water. This fact also makes it an ideal environment for those trying to rebuild their strength and mobility, whilst recovering from injury.


Not being able to swim can result in a real fear of situations where you are faced with water based activities such as summer holidays near a pool or beach, avoiding using the hotel pool on a business trip or even excluding yourself from family activities such as boating trips. Overcoming a long held personal anxiety is a real triumph and physical exercise such as swimming helps to increase your self-esteem.

Personal Safety

Keeping yourself safe and ensuring the safety of your children in and around water is essential. As with many other activities our children participate in, we need to ensure we are equipped to protect them from danger. Learning to swim will not only ensure your safety but you will be able to teach your child the importance of water safety.

A Social Skill

Participating in a physical activity that can see you right through into your old age, you would be hard pressed to find anything that competes with swimming. Being social and active later in life is not only good for your physical health, but your mental health too!


Swimming is great fun!

One-to-one adult lessons are 30 minutes in length and specific skills are addressed at each class. Progress is individual and at least one lesson per week is recommended. It is always a good idea to have an additional swim session during the week to gain confidence and to master any new skills that have been covered.

What you will need:

  • A close-fitting swim suit. No board shorts for gents as they can cause a lot of drag in the water.
  • A swim hat (fabric or silicone).
  • Goggles.

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